Sunshine Coast Mediator – Sunshine Coast Mediation

Alex Nelson is a barrister and Nationally Accredited Mediator with a broad range of experience including 12 years as a solicitor and 7 years at the private bar.  He is a Sunshine Coast Mediator with proven court experience in defamation, commercial litigation and criminal law trials.

Alex can quickly grasp complex issues and he has a proven track record of thinking outside of the square when it comes to resolving disputes at a Sunshine Coast Mediation.

If the parties agree and it is appropriate to do so, Alex takes an active yet respectful role as Sunshine Coast Mediator in assessing and evaluating the parties’ positions and their interests. There are different styles and approaches to a Sunshine Coast Mediation and he knows that one approach does not suit every case.  His broad legal experience gives him the flexibility to apply the best approach and style for a given situation.


Alex Nelson

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