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Brisbane Mediation
Brisbane Mediation

Alex Nelson is a Brisbane Mediator and Barrister that can bring 18 years of legal experience and proven court results to the settlement of your dispute.

How a Brisbane Mediation Works

Mediation is usually voluntary but sometimes people are ordered to attend by a court or they are required to mediate before they can commence a proceeding in court.

It is useful for any kind of litigation including family law, domestic violence, property disputes, wills and estate disputes, defamation, and even commercial litigation.

A Brisbane Mediation is a confidential process where people with disputes come together, sit down with a mediator and talk about ways to resolve their dispute, often in ways that are to their mutual benefit.

When you contact us to arrange a Brisbane Mediation, we take down some information in what we call an intake process.  We then contact the other party to ascertain whether they are prepared to attend a Brisbane Mediation and, if they are, we go through the intake process with them too.

On the agreed date, the parties meet and the discussions are facilitated by the Brisbane Mediator. Most of the time, agreements are reached but even if that doesn’t eventuate parties usually leave with a new understanding of the opposing side’s position, with clarified information, and perhaps with reduced stress in their relationships.

Even if there are domestic violence allegations, and even if the parties are involved in court in a Domestic and Family Violence Protection Order application, they can still mediate to resolve their dispute.  The parties can agree that one of them will appear by Skype, or that they will both just stay in different rooms during the mediation (a shuttle mediation).

Selecting a Brisbane Mediator

A key consideration in resolving a complex dispute can be the choice of mediator.

Alex Nelson has a broad range of experience including commercial law, defamation, family law, property and criminal law.  He can quickly grasp complex issues and he has a proven track record of thinking outside of the square when it comes to resolving disputes at mediation.  If Alex is unavailable, or has a conflict, then we have a panel of mediators available with a variety backgrounds and experiences.

Our other panel members that can be drawn upon have backgrounds in family law, policing and prosecutions, complex frauds, domestic violence, wills and estates disputes, defamation and commercial disputes.

At a Brisbane Mediation, if the parties agree and it is appropriate to do so, the mediator takes an active yet respectful role as mediator in assessing and evaluating the parties’ positions and their interests. There are different styles and approaches to mediation and we know that one approach does not suit every case.  The broad experience of our panel members give them the flexibility to apply the best approach and style for a given situation.

Costs of Brisbane Mediation

Alex Nelson‘s fees for a half day mediation are $2,000 plus GST which includes the venue hire costs and preparation. A full day mediation is $3,000 plus GST.  Weigh up those costs, and the benefits that you get from Alex’s broad experience and proven court results, against other all inclusive quotes.

Other panel members may charge other fees and you should enquire about those at the time of booking.

Booking a Brisbane Mediation

It is often difficult to secure a date that suits everyone in the next 30-60 days. If you need an early Brisbane Mediation date, please email or call as dates sometimes become available due to cancellations and we will do our best to accommodate your Brisbane Mediation.

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