Brisbane Mediator

Alex Nelson can act as the mediator for your dispute whether or not you have a lawyer acting for you, or where only one party has a lawyer, or where both parties are legally represented.

Even if there are domestic violence allegations, and even if the parties are involved in court in a Domestic and Family Violence Protection Order application, they can still have a mediator help them to resolve their dispute.  If necessary, the parties can agree that one of them will appear by Skype, or that they will both just stay in different rooms during the mediation (a shuttle mediation).

Costs of a Brisbane Mediator

The costs of a Brisbane Mediator are usually shared equally between the parties, although the parties can agree, or the courts can order, some other split of the Brisbane Mediator fees.

The upfront costs of Brisbane Mediation have the potential to save litigants tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the stress involved in long running court battles.

In terms of the costs involved, it pays to get an estimate of the total fees from each brisbane mediator that you are considering appointing.  Find out what work they envisage doing, how long they estimate is required for the brisbane mediation and what their skills and experience are – what do they bring to the table compared to any other brisbane mediator.

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