Brisbane Commercial Mediation

Litigation can be very expensive.

Mediation is a popular and sensible way of resolving commercial disputes . An independent and neutral person helps you and the other parties work out the issues in dispute and come up with a solution which everyone accepts. The parties decide what is included in their agreement, thereby retaining control of the outcome rather than having an outcome imposed upon them by the courts. The mediator will not make a decision for the parties but can draw up an agreement that the parties accept. During the mediation there can be an emphasis on maintaining a working relationship between the parties.

It is quicker and easier to go to mediation than to court. This means you can use mediation at an early stage in the dispute, before a lot of legal costs have been incurred and both sides have become entrenched in their positions. A successful mediation will always be more cost-effective than going to court.

Many of the outcomes reached at mediation cannot occur in a court. For example, a court can only interpret what a contract means and cannot help you renegotiate the contract if both parties decide that is necessary. In mediation you can provide for commercial considerations and end up with a better solution for all concerned.

Alex Nelson is an experienced defamation barrister as well as being a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

You can participate in a Brisbane Mediation with Alex Nelson or one of our panel mediators as the Brisbane Mediator whether or not you have a lawyer acting for you, or where only one party has a lawyer, or where both parties are legally represented.

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